It's Your Time: Spend this Weekend as a Woman

Weekend as Women is finding volunteers and first employees to build a company around the project as it grows.

It will bloom into events every weekend across the world, and to conferences every 6 months. But for now to start is simple

Here's what you can do :


It is funny that for all the stereotypes of macho men being fearless that everyone is so scared of gender. Show the world how harmless, fun and light it all can be. You can find your own way into the light first touches of becoming a women for a weekend.

2. Post Your Photos to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter

It is REALLY important that you do these 3 things when you post:

  1. Use the hashtag #weekendaswomen
  2. Use the @Mention feature on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram so we can find your post. We got all the normal account names official on all those platforms.
  3. DM us (direct message) us with the post that you shared. Its easier for us to organize there.

3. Tell Your Gender Fluid Story

We NEED to tell each other the stories of our own journies. Society has had us trapping all our stories in shame and embarrassment because of fear. Let's end that. Fear is always dissipated by those that fear it less. Come with US!!!!

4. Start Planning a Weekend as Women Event

If you are an event organizer by profession then OMG lets make a little money together and Weekend as Women will give our part to amazing companies like The Trevor Project

5. Consider Volunteering for Weekend as Women

There are a lot of balls being thrown at us. Come help organize this, spread the word and amplify the message. We like video editors, photo editors, social media junkies and writers. Come out of the wood works for us!! Just DM us on social platforms to get in touch

6. Consider Coming to Work for Weekend as Women

We want gender fluid people to run the company. Please DM us and tell us what you like to do.

8 Ways Straight, Married/Coupled Women Can Participate in Weekend as Women

Most men, it turns out, are scared that their wives would leave them if they were discovered playing with gender in any way. So whatever thought they ever had along the way of life, your husband either buried it or hides it. Either way participating in Weekend as Women will help the two of you find a closeness together. AND you are helping him be a better person in the world, one who is helping others take the world more lightly with more humor and most important, empathy.

1. Tell Your Husband or Boyfriend You'd Think MORE of Them If They Participated in Weekend as Women

Humans are curious. We just need safety.

2. Buy Your Husband or Boyfriend Feminine Things

You can choose if it should be a sexy private time you do together behind a locked door, or whether you can find opportunities to share this with friends and (rarely) family. Many men secretly buy feminine things they throw away without anyone knowing.

Here's some things that would be nice:
  1. High Heels
  2. Panties
  3. Blouses
  4. Skirts
  5. Jewelry
  6. A Hang Bag

3. Give Your Boyfriend or Husband Traditionally Feminine Roles

Everyone knows women can do ANYTHING. But now you get to make him do really really traditional female things. You can objectify *her* during it too, and enjoy that.

4. Take Pictures of *HER* and Download Apps to Make *HER* Look Even Prettier

We all know women have been airbrushed edited and touched up. Take pictures of her when you have her all dolled up and then go get one of the apps like YouCam MakeUp and play with making her even more perfect. You don't have to do anything with them except show *HER* how pretty she can be.

5. Make *HER* Do The Errands, Housework

Take some time to go to the spa, catch up with friends, go to a Soul Cycle. Put *HER* to work doing the annoying things that have been passed to women over the years

6. Take *HER* To the Salon - Waxing and Nails Time!!

You might have to do it at home, but show her how to get rid of all the hair below her neck. So many options - waxing when *SHE* is still hairy is the best btw :) But Nair or just shaving *HER* is fine too

7. Encourage Her to Be OK Crying

Men are never allowed to cry. Let *HER* tap into it - watch an emotional movie. The goddess of tears is tapped to a wonderful energy source for both of you. Silly machismo has gotten all in the way of a good cry for half our population.

8. Buy Some Feminist T-Shirts for *HER*

Buy *HER* some shirts she can wear past outside with you easily.

Here are the things you can do to help

Amethyst's + Jo: A Gorgeous Story and Journey Together

A beautiful story from the Gorgeous Amethyst, follow her on Instagram here:

Growing up I always felt like I was a girl but I was also always in to really active "boy" type things... like working out sports and getting dirty in nature! I was different then other boys I never wanted to hunt or fish or eat animals or build stuff... all I wanted to do was be cute and work on my tan hehe.

Realizing Dreams

I always dreamed of being a beautiful rave girl. I love dancing and the music and the awesome creative outfits all the other girls always came up with! I never thought I could be one of them. I'm 6' and having a really athletic build and was never very good at makeup...

Out to the Mall!

My BFF jojo was the first person I told that on the inside I was a girl! She was so excited and she did matching makeup on me and we headed to the mall!

Going to H&M

She let me borrow her cat ears! I'd never felt so cute... it was so freeing trying stuff on at H&M and buying my own makeup! Lots of people told me they loved my cat ears! I got a matching bra and undies set, a cute sequin top, a skirt I wear every week still to this day and my favorite sweater!!! I went on my first date as a girl a week later!

OMG You Girls Look Adorable

The next month we drove to Vancouver for my first rave as a girl! <3 I was so nervous but since going to the mall I had been in public plenty of times and my confidence was starting to grow! We looked adorable and got in a cab to the rave! As soon as we walked in linking arms somebody shouted "OMG you girls look adorable!" I wanted to cry I never felt beautiful in my whole life!

So Pretty at the Rave

I was so nervous that in the light people would "clock" me but even in the bathroom girls Gave me compliments!

Throughout the night a bunch of people took pictures with us and at least 20 girls told me I was "so beautiful" or "super pretty" and "booty goals" I had a blast dancing all night! There were even a couple straight guys that were enamoured with me... They were shocked that my name was amethyst lol I was not used to that kind of attention and I'm not really a fan of men!

Beautiful Inside and Out

in such a passionate way... she didn't even get his name and he had to leave it was so sad because her boyfriend at the time was super lame and she broke up with him not long after!

We stood in the ran for an hour before we finally got a cab home! We giggled the whole way home and took Snapchat selfies :) it was a night I'll never forget the first of many raves! xD

Never be afraid to be you! You're beautiful inside and out!

Love your favorite hippie rave girl, Amethyst
A beautiful story from the Gorgeous Amethyst, follow her on Instagram here:

Choosing to be bold

A minute of honesty, a lifetime of change

I was pulling on my black thigh high stockings to wear with my black VS thong under my boy clothes to run some errands when my wife walked into the bedroom. She smiled and looked at me approvingly and asked if I was going to wear them shopping. I said yes very matter-of-factly and proceeded to get dressed after giving her a full body hug and kiss. Ten days ago she knew nothing about the lingerie I had hidden away that I would wear only when I knew I'd be home alone for a period of time. I harbored a real fear of sharing this side of my personality with her because I had always been the dominant male in our relationship. I had felt a very strong female side to my psyche since I was 6 or 7 years old but had done nothing to reveal it except that I was considered a "sensitive" male. My wife is very intuitive, and she always felt I "honored my female side," as she put would put it to family and friends. I've preferred to shave my body for years, something she likes and sometimes helps with, but she didn't know about anything else.

I didn't like keeping my increasingly strong attraction to all things girly from her, but I had come to accept that it would probably be best and I could live with it if I had to. I was corresponding with several on-line friends who were farther along than I was – one cross-dressing with the help of a new girlfriend, and one a full-time sissy who has lived openly for years. They kept encouraging me to take the leap of faith I needed to share this side of me with my wife. We have a very strong relationship, going back to when we were high school sweethearts, and we love each other deeply. I felt this growing change in me was creating some distance between us, however, and she, with her very sensitive nature, detected it as well but had no idea why it was happening. The full-time sissy friend kept challenging me to be honest with her, and after thinking about it for weeks, I decided on a plan of action.

About 10 days ago, she was working in the kitchen while I was showering. I had tried on the Victoria's Secret thong she had in her dresser in the past, and I liked the way it fit me, so when I got out of the shower and was getting dressed, I got the thong out and put it on. Taking a deep breath I walked into the kitchen knowing she would first think I was just wearing a pair of my black briefs. I asked her where she got these, indicating the thong, and turned around boldly to show her what I really had on. She paused, and giggled, and then without missing a beat reached out and pulled the back out and looked at the label. "I don't remember," she said simply. "Do you like them?" "I love them," I told her. "They fit better than anything in my underwear drawer." After looking at my ass in them for a minute, she said, "Come on," and we walked into the bedroom together. She proceeded to go through her underwear drawer and pull out several other similar items she didn't wear often and hand them to me. "You're welcome to anything in my underwear drawer," she told me without any trace of scorn or judgment. That moment precipitated a longer discussion about my feelings of wanting to wear girly clothes and shoes at home, and she was surprised but also very supportive. The only thing she was a bit upset about was that I hadn't revealed this part of me to her a long time ago. She couldn't understand my reluctance to share this with her, and I told her I was unsure of her reaction and didn't want to risk losing the love of my life. She assured me that would never happen, and she asked if this was the reason she had been feeling some distance between us. I told her it was, and now that I had come out to her about my desires, I felt completely different and relaxed about it. It took less than a minute for that change to happen.

Over the past 10 days we have had a lot of fun shopping together in the lingerie department for more thongs for me to wear. We've also gotten his and hers camisoles in different colors, and the other day I bought my first pair of heels in my size as well as a matching pair for her. I have no plans to do anything more than dress femme at home and wear girly things under my boy clothes going out, but being able to wear whatever I want any time I want has been heaven. I'm so fortunate to be married to a woman who thinks I look great in female clothes, lingerie and heels. As part of our ongoing discussion of this, she asked if this was a "fetish," and I said that while wearing femme things can be sexually arousing, it was much more than that. It's an acknowledgment of a part of me I've kept to myself for years. It's wonderful not only to freely express this side of me but to share it with someone who I love and who loves me for who I am. All of me.

Weekend as Women Mission

Important Note: This is a working draft. Please do email me with corrections/suggestions/questions

Weekend as Women is aimed at helping the "straight" world find freedom, energy and happiness through exploration of gender fluidity. The more macho the culture, the more men are forced to hide their natural curiosities. In part, Weekend as Women is talking to all the men in the world who dream privately about becoming a girl. This is not about cross dressing, there is so much more to being a girl. But it is also about dressing because any step a boy takes to be feminine is encouraged by Weekend as Women.

Playing with gender is currently very dangerous in today's society - leading to violence and horrible misunderstandings and loss between people who love each other. This is because there are no narratives for "straight" people to explore.

The single most important audience that Weekend as Women has is the women who are the girlfriends and wives and lovers to straight men. We are at a very interesting moment in the history of our civilization - there are hundreds of millions across the world who proudly and openly support women's rights and understand the importance of their advancement. But the biggest barrier to gender fluidity turns out to be the women who love the men they fear they will lose.

I founded Weekend as Women because of my own story which is important to tell. I hid from my wife for 10 years, buying clothes on business trips and throwing them away before I came back. It was so silly! She is so amazing and we have not had any separation between us because of my gender fluidity but the opposite - we have never been closer. I don't have to wear the macho role in any moment of our lives anymore, so we can cry together watching a movie, shop together (we are the same size!), and OMG play together, in a way that I wish for every couple to have.

I spent 2 years talking to gender curious, fluid and transitioned girls. I learned a lot. I found that this was not a fringe issue or a niche one but one that could at the very core change how we are as a culture.

5 years from now our dream is for it to become normal for boys to shop in the girls section, that the bravery to find your self is seen as positive, brave and inspiring. Trans fluid gender is evolving beyond labels (queery, gay, tv, crossdresser), which nobody ever liked anyway!

Where We Are Right Now

Andrea runs a company of her own that was started before Weekend as Women. Happily, that company can run the digital presence, take payments, and avoid needing to raise funds for this.

There is a small team of 5 people and growing that are becoming the first founding team, people who have a passion for this topic and a skillset that matches.

We are going to work this summer to launch our first campaigns with beauty and style brands as sponsors. If you work in that industry and have contacts, please do reach out!!!

We are also going to work to have the first Weekend as Women events by end of summer. If you are a stylist, hair/makeup/clothes please reach out!!

What We Will Build

I would very much like this to be a company that employs gender fluid and transgender people across the world, opening a new economy that grants men access to beauty, style and fashion. Events should happen every day in every city of the world, and 2 times a year a world wide conference bigger then Comic Con comes together.

- Andrea

You can DM us on any social account we run and its pretty much me, Andrea answering :)

Guest Write for Weekend as Women

We would really love it if you submit:

Photos with Captions for Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook

Make awesome points like we do on our Instagram with captions. You can download apps like EPhoto 360 to write the captions over the photos (on your phone, there are hundreds) or you can just send us the image and text.


It is so important we are making this a movement that includes the embrace of the amazing gorgeous people who are leading the way, please make sure we know who to give credit and @mentions to and please feel free to reach out to let them know when its live

SEND THE PHOTOS IN DM ON SOCIAL PLEASE (Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook)
Or you can email

Blog Posts

Maybe you spent the weekend as a woman? Please write about your experience. Your life, your thoughts. Just email or DM us on social to request an invite

Being Girl on a Summer Friday

Get inspired before you go into the weekend, gender fluidity makes for the BEST weekends!!!

Think You are Strong? Try Being Transgender in Pakistan - OMG Respect

Nikita Dragun OMG - Gorgeous

Jaden Smith's Gender Fluid Style

What's better then LGBT activists twerking?

Vietnamese Cuties

Video Editor for Weekend as Women

This job is volunteer basis for purely editorial videos as we ramp things up. As soon as we have any deals closed with brands as sponsors content creators will get 10% of the sponsor budget. So we could have this become paid and be awesome for you quickly.

We need trans, women or gender fluid and curious people to do the work and understand the story.

We'll give story lines and approved images/videos that we've gotten permission and enthusiasm from the original source to use as materials. Please email or DM us on social.

This is an example story line:

Every boy has thought of what it would be like to be a girl

For almost every boy those thoughts come up as sexual taboos

We are taught you are gay or you aren't gay. So, almost every boy hides these thoughts

The act of hiding this is the corner stone for homophobia

The more macho the culture , the more deeply hidden the thoughts are

For most men, the person they fear the most is also the person they love and adore the most: their wife/GF

Because of the "gay husband" narrative, women are as scared as the men : they'll lose the love of their life

All this is very silly!! Most men who become gender fluid stay the same sexual orientation

And let's face it, girls are just more attractive than men.

And they make better people. A different mode of being that the world needs from men now

But they can only do it as girls. With the support of the ones they love

Try asking your man to be brave enough to be a girl with you. Change the world with us.

Community Outreach for Weekend as Women

We hope this can evolve from a volunteer opportunity to turn into a paid position as revenue comes together for the company.

But right now we need someone really good for each social platform. We are very focused on Instagram right now, that's our top priority but if you are really strong on Facebook, Tumble, Twitter and this is interesting to you please let us know.

Please email if you are interested or just DM us on social accounts :)

Here's how the job works:

Find Amazing People with Gorgeous Photos and Significant Social Followings

We'll need you keep things organized into buckets.

There are key demographics that are important to us - women who are into yoga, fitness and travel. Transgender cuties out and in the open. Beauty and stylists and fashionistas. The political LGBT crew. You'll want to keep them a bit categorized as you reach out and create relationships

Ask For Permission to Use Their Content and To Be Included

We need the beautiful images they have to make videos with our message. And we need their beautiful fans to hear our message. But its only going to happen if they have a chance to understand how we plan to use their content, that they understand our mission and that they can fall in love with our adorable selves. We don't want just their permission and content, we want them to be able to share the videos on their accounts and to be part of the voice and the movement.

Organize Follow Up and Outreach When Content Goes Live

We'll need you to have it organized so that when we have original videos or content go live that has their content, that it gets sent to the people who are a part of that video really quickly for their review, and that they were treated correctly in the @mentions etc. But also - that when we have new stuff we are super proud of that they will want to support regardless of whether it has our content that we can reach out to DM them and get a super boost in shares and views on that post.

Job Opening: Social Brand Sales

Weekend as Women is just starting up, so we can not yet pay base salaries but you can get paid 10% of the deal that you help get. We need someone who can focus on approaching beauty, lingerie, style and fashion brands to sponsor Weekend as Women.

If interested DM us on social or email

How Weekend as Women Works with Beauty Brands

1 - Weekend as Women creates native content for Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr that incorporates the products and logos of the brand.

2 - 50% of the campaign budget is used as smart data oriented spent on specific demographics and look alike audiences to promote the content created. We spend only on viral and organic content so the added spend means we can reach millions of people in campaigns.

3 - 10% of the budget goes to the content creators that work on the account.

4 - 10% of the budget goes to the The Weekend as Women sales person

How Weekend as Women Works With the Trans and Gender Fluid Community

The business and corporate world is not a very transgender and gender fluid friendly environment. Weekend as Women works with girls from all over the world to help give them financial independence in a fast paced career that can help change the world.

Job Requirements for Sales/Marketing Candidates at Weekend as Women

​1 - Must be transgender or gender fluid. Closeted and extremely curious is ok too :)

2 - Must be a social native. Please send what your social accounts are, which social network you love the most, what you have done on it in the past.

3 - Must be a positive, optimistic person. The world is dark and full of horrors. We are facing the most evil President in the history of the US. There are a lot of reasons to lose hope and fall into hate. But you are not like that. Somehow all this makes you even more inspired than ever before, you see the unity and strength in common bonds and naturally spread laughter, lightness and love in your communications.

4 - Must be inclusive and not divisive. The transgender and LGBT world has a lot of internal fights with itself that we believe are worth having. Figuring it all out is hard, and it takes confrontation. BUT that is not what Weekend as Women does - we are not judgemental, we are not critical, we are loving and encouraging and empathetic to everyone's own path of consciousness.

There are sales materials created so that you can use outgoing messages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and email to get conversations going and meetings started with marketers to run their first Weekend as Women campaigns.

Gender play comes across every human's mind.

Let's end the fear with light. With play. With fun. Do it as a couple. Do it in private. Do it as a group. We'll be announcing organized events. Right now show you aren't homophobic, share this video to Facebook and to your significant other in email and DM

We agree!!

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